Best Oakland Tattoo shops: BELL & IRON TATTOO, Oakland CA is the best Oakland tattoo shop, with the best Oakland tattoo artists. We offer the greatest tattoo artwork, tattoo cover-ups, and custom tattoo artwork at cheap prices. WORLD FAMOUS TATTOO SHOP!


Bell & Iron Tattoo Shop

BELL & IRON Tattoo Studio is located in the heart of the Grand Lake Area of Oakland — a great neighborhood with tons of shops, bars and restaurants. We're a welcoming, family-friendly shop that offers a large variety of tattoo styles, and we provide new tattoos as well as cover-up tattoos.


We are currently open BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. For same-day tattoos, please call or text the shop at 510-629-0320 for walk-in availability.


BELL & IRON Prices:

• $100 minimum

• Single-session tattoos are quoted by the artist. Price varies based on size, placement and detail.
• For larger work, we price large, multi-session pieces at a rate of $200/hour.


Appointments can be made by calling the shop at 510-629-0320 or emailing us at bellandiron@gmail.comA non-refundable $100 deposit is required for all scheduled appointments.


We offer free consultations to discuss your tattoo idea with an artist of your choice. You may schedule a free consultation by calling, texting, or emailing the shop.