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What's Next?

About “Bell & Iron”: a New Tattoo Studio Concept

The studio will have a balance of both the traditional tattoo shop and a new, state-of-the-art studio. Clients will enter “Bell & Iron” and experience the charm of a traditional studio,with lots of framed colorful flash tattoo artwork and signage hung throughout. The space will be bright and open, with hardwood and tile floors, and all the decorative trimmings that give a traditional tattoo studio its charm and character.


The studio will have an open floor plan, where visitors to the shop can view artists working on their clients. There will also be privacy screens available on-site to divide the workroom and provide clients with full privacy during their tattoo when desired.


Where some tattoo shops won’t allow children to enter the shop, “Bell & Iron” will be welcoming to families, and allow parents who come in to get tattooed to bring their families along. We will always have free lollipops, coloring books and stickers for the kids!


The windows at the front of the shop will allow people to see into the colorful, artful studio, and invite people to walk-in off the street, whether they were planning to get a tattoo or not.



Joe’s goal is to open a self-owned and operated Tattoo Studio in Oakland, California. The concept behind “Bell & Iron” is to create a new take on the traditional tattoo studio, and create a studio environment that is both as welcoming and comfortable as it is state-of-the-art and consistent in producing high-quality, high-caliber body art.


A welcoming environment


A state-of-the-art studio


"Bell & Iron" will open with its doors with all new equipment, newly framed artwork on the walls, and all the trimmings of a welcoming tattoo environment. After “Bell & Iron” is open during Phase 1, and begins gaining revenue, a difference of "Bell & Iron" compared to traditional tattoo shops in the Bay Area will be the additions of modern equipment and new technology to interact with clients.

For PHASE 2 of "Bell & Iron", the front “welcome area” of the studio will feature touch-screen counter displays to view artist portfolios, research reference material, and connect directly to “Bell & Iron” on social media. This is not only an attraction to potential clientele visiting the studio, but is also an incentive for artists to work at the shop.

The shop will feature a designated area for artists to take photos of their latest tattoo creations. The digital camera will then upload artists’ photos directly to a main on-site server, where the artists can then review their photos, crop/edit them accordingly, and drop them directly into their portfolios. The new tattoo photos will be uploaded directly to the artists’ portfolios on the touchscreens, as well as upload directly to their portfolio on the “Bell & Iron” website. These conveniences will not only make it a more desirable environment for clients to get a tattoo, but will incentivize the artists’ desire to work in a welcoming, comfortable studio that will provide the artists all the tools they need to have successful careers as tattooers.


How can YOU help get the "BELL & IRON" doors open?


You can play a part in helping Joe get "Bell & Iron" open! To review the "Bell & Iron" business plan, and to find out about loan funding opportunities with return on investment, please email Joe directly at:

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